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Yes, there will be a second claim, and they will investigate that one independent of the other, with the exception of 'prior unrepaired damage' or if the injury were caused by the first then aggrevated by the second. Of coures they will not pay for the same damage twice. For instance, you had a one hour repair on the bumper from the first claim, now the second one requires that the bumper be replaced and you haven't made the repairs yet (if repairs have been made this of course doesn't apply), they will replace the bumper but deduct that 1.0 repair and refinish you were paid already. Kind of the same with the injury, if you had finished treatment and were released, then it starts all over, if you were however still treating they will owe for the 'set back'....more details and I may be able to be of more assistance to you. yeah that is understangable,but i still have a wierd felling that,that is no how it really goes.But i will just go with your answer that you gave me.

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Q: If two accidents happen within 8 weeks of each other and both are no fault and injuries happen in both will insurance pay for the second accident?
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