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10 Days.

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Q: If there is over 750.00 in property damage or if anyone is injured or killed you must report it to the DMV within?
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Does tornadoes harm anyone property or both?

Both. Tornadoes often damage or destroy property. People in the damage path of a tornado may be injured or killed.

What are results of tornadoes?

Tornadoes typically result in damage to vegetation and property, and often people and animals being killed or injured.

What is the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident in Pennsylvania?

It depends on whether or not the vehicle or property was attended, whether or not anyone was injured or killed, and whether or not the driver was properly licensed.

Was Harry Potter injured or killed?

Harry was neither seriously injured or killed. He suffered a lot of emotional damage through after the death of many of his friends.

Was anyone hurt or killed in cyclone Larry?

plenty of people were injured but only one killed.

How do tornadoes affects people's lives?

Tornadoes can damage or destroy people property including homes, business, farms, crops and livestock. People can be killed or injured or lose friends and family.

What effect do the tornadoes have on human life and property?

Tornadoes can damage or destroy property. For people whose homes are significantly damaged or destroyed it can be a major disruption in life, especially if they don't have adequate insurance. People can also be injured or killed during a tornado, and some of those injured have suffered permanent disabilities.

Explain how a bushfire attacks and causes damage?

Some forests are destroyed and trees are damaged, Wildlife is killed or injured by fire and smoke, Habitat of birds and animals is destroyed, Houses are destroyed, People are killed or injured, Power-lines, bridges and other public property are destroyed and Smoke pollutes the air.

What happens to people and places when a tornado occurs?

Buildings and vegetation may be damage or destroyed. People lose property and can be killed or injured. In rare cases asphalt and topsoil may be scoured away.

What was the estimated damage from the February 6 2008 tornado for Allen county Kentucky?

The EF3 tornado that hit Allen County, Kentucky cost $1.48 million from damage to property and crops. In addition, the tornado killed 4 people and injured 11.

What are the positives and negatives of a tornado hitting New Jersey?

Negatives: there will likely be property damage and people may be injured or killed. Positive: Old trees may be cleared out to make way for new growth.

What is the worst damage kilauea has done?

100's of people were killed and even more were injured.