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Are you lossing a lot of water? Do you use any type pool cleaner that attached into the skimmer that bounces on the pool floor? If you do and the base is poolcrete is being better down.. and THAT could cause a hole...

You may or may not have a leak but the sunken area is caused by the collapse of the sand or ground under that area of the pool allowing the liner to fill in the hole created by that collapse.

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Q: If there is a sunken area in the bottom of a vinyl liner pool does this mean there is a leak?
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How do you fix a sunken in areas in the bottom of a vinyl liner?

I have only done this one time. I branch fell from a tree in a wind storm from about 30 feet up. Went through the winter cover and through the liner in the deep end of the pools. It was stuck there when we opened the pool in the spring. The branch was about the size of a baseball bat. I had prepared a zip lock back with play sand and also had a patch already cut. When ready, I removed the branch, placed the ziplock bag under the liner in the hole and then proceeded to patch the hole with a vinyl patch. If this is in an above ground pool, I wouldn't mess with it unless you think it is going to burst. Once you cut the liner more water is going to push out and make the sunken area even bigger. For above ground pools theres not a whole lot you can do. Maybe get rid of the moles....

How can you fix a detached vinyl liner from its spot?

To fix a detached vinyl liner from its spot on an above ground pool, the water will have to be drained from the pool. Then, a marine patch can be placed on the area to re-attach the vinyl to the place where it came apart. Allow this to dry thoroughly before refilling the pool.

What is the opposite of a sunken area?

the opposite of sunken area is inlet

I noticed a circular hole approximately 1 inch in diameter in my inground pool vinyl liner that was not there yesterday. What caused it and how can I repair it?

Vinyl liner pools normally develop holes from some type of abuse, usually something is poked, jabbed, stepped on or scraped causing a hole. On rare occasions a seam can split open. Chemical abuse is another cause. To repair, YOU may try a vinyl liner repair kit from your local pool store or YOU may call a swimming pool leak detection company in your area.

How do you find a leak in the vinyl liner of an in ground pool?

Put a small amount of food coloring in the area of the pool you think is leaking and watch the food coloring disappear in the hole

What is Basin in geology?

An area of land that is sunken or depressed below the surrounding area

Can you put a vinyl cover over a existing concrete in ground pool?

You mean a cover like to close the pool over top of the water or a liner to hold the water. To cover over the water, some companies make vinyl covers, they tend to be more expensive and heavier then woven ones though. As far as a liner, some manufacturers choose not to make Vinyl Liners for concrete pools for different reasons. You'll have to check with a dealer in your area to find a supplier that does, or pursue other repair options.

What is the low sunken surface feature of the moon?

The low sunken surface area on the moon is the result of when the surface of the moon was once struck by a large meteorite.

Are gunite or vinyl swimming pools better?

That would depend, I grew up with a vinyl pool. A simple 20 by 40 rectangular pool that was 8 ft deep and 3.5 ft deep. The vinyl was nice as growing up with a house full of boys and their friends we would rough house in the pool quite often. Football, wrestling, tag, etc... When having you face pushed into the bottom of the pool, or knees, with vinyl I never got the dredded craps that I got at my uncles Gunite pool. Just swimming around I would get bloody toes at my uncles. You do learn to be gentle in the gunite pools. As far as lasting, the first pool liner lasted 25 years before we had to replace it. We took very good car of the pool year round. I live in the Seattle area and even with freezing winters the liner lasted well beyond the expected time. Our second liner didn't last as long, about two years, as our colt that was being weaned from it mother some how got out of its fenced area and opened the gate to the pool. Decided to go swimming and they have hard feet if you have ever had one step on you. When he fell in the pool he punched several holes in the liner as the bottom of the pool as mostly sand except for the deep end that had concrete pad. So if you plan on having horses swim in the pool you may want to get a gunite rather than vinyl liner, But I personally like the liner and so did all my friends while I was growing up. More input from FAQ Farmers: * That would depend on the builder and the care, but the cost of repair is only a small % in vinyl compared to gunite.. * I would agree with the first answer. While gunnite pools seem to have a little more "prestige" (at least where I live), I wouldn't have any other than a vinyl pool. It is so much softer on your feet and you don't have to brush it that first year like you do the gunnite. It was a little less money to build and I think that when the liner needs to be replaced, it is a lot less expensive than re-surfacing a gunnite pool. The vinyl pools can be built to look just as nice as the gunnite pools as well.

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