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Nope, because the rear c.v's wont have anything to bolt on to.

The only way you could do it (possibly) is to remove the gears from the differential and leave the housing in place to keep the rear axles stable. The differential would still need to be oil filled, and if the gears turn out to be what holds the output axles in place, you're out of luck and this won't work either.

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Q: If the rear diff is removed from a 4wd Mazda gtx will it still drive?
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Can you drive a car without drive shaft?

Only if the diff is locked

You have an 89 jeep yj that all the emissions equipment has been removed out of it and wonder how to get the 4 wheel drive to engage again and have herd that it somehow works off of vacuum?

Yes, the front diff is vacuum activated, but you can look online for a cable retrofit kit to engage the front diff without vacuum pressure.

What do you need to repair a 1999 dodge 1500 that broke the front axel?

The drive axels can be removed & replaced individually. If you've actually broken the front differential housing you will need to get the gear ratio and find out what kind of diff you have in the truck and make a trip to the wrecking yard and get a used one and replace the diff. as a complete unit.

Is a Hillman rear wheel drive?

yes it is. to check look for the big diff in the rear axle. big diff? a large round metal casing.

Do the Mazda 626 mx6 use the same transmission?

yes, the 626 and mx6 are interchangable maybe diff wiring but the same

What do you do if your 1998 land rover is stuck in 4 x4?

If diff lock light is stuck on DO NOT DRIVE IT ON THE ROAD it will break. Ensure shifter is in diff lock off position and slowly drive forward and back in a straight line.

Your 4 wheel drive system whines when it is engaged?

your front diff is just about stuffed

Can you drive a 1998 Subaru Forester without rear wheels connected to driveshaft?

No, because AWD cars have a center differential or viscous clutch. Meaning that the front and rear driveshafts are not solidly connected to each other and if one is disconnected it will just spin freely and the car won't move forward well if at all. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE SUBARU WILL DRIVE FROM ETHER END IF DRIVE SHAFTS ARE REMOVED FROM ONE DIFF BACK OR FRONT. The Subaru does not use a centre diff so drives direct to the front but will transfer drive to the rear if the front "slips" so if you remove a shaft from the front it = "slip" so will drive to the back.Removing a shaft from the rear will not interfere with drive to the front. So be aware unless there is a shaft off both diffs &, in the case of models with limited slip rear diff, both shafts or the center shaft, it will still run over you or your mate if you put it in gear. Life is full of surprises so lets try to keep them pleasant ones.

What kind of diff is in a 1999 sportage?

2 wheel or 4 wheel drive . front or rear ?

Can you take out the front differential and still drive?

Technically-Yes. BUT, there are a couple of things that must be done. 1. You will need to have the outer CV joint/Spline still mounted through the front hubs and tightened. This will require you to disassemble each halfshaft and and use the outer ends or else you will destroy the hubs. OR you can buy 2 halfshafts from a salvage yard and use the ends. That way you can reinstall your originals when you get the front diff replaced. 2. Front driveshaft must be removed. 3. I believe you must have a selectable 4WD and keep it in 2WD at all times. I believe it may still work if it is an AWD, MAYBE- but it will drive your ECM nuts. 4. It is to your advantage to simply replace the defective front Diff with a New, Rebuilt or good used unit.

What is third differential in Land Rover defender?

The third differential is more commonly known as the centre diff as its located on the transfer box. Older series land rovers were rear wheel drive until you engaged four wheel drive whereas the newer models that had a centre diff allowed 100% of the drive to go to either the front or rear axle depending on which one had the path of least resistance, when you engage 4 wheel drive you are locking the centre diff so it then transmits 50% of the drive to the front axle and 50% to the rear.

Why 2w drive rodeo diff clunks when turning?

i'm getting this checked out today with my mechanic also.