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Shoot the adjuster and bury him somewhere.

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Q: If the cost of repairing line is close to car's value how do I stop insurance company from totaling my car?
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What are your options if the at fault drivers insurance company does not want to total your vehicle?

There can be a lot of variables. But basically if you are close just push them to do it. I had a car that was totaled by my estimate but their adjuster came out & said no way. I asked how he came to that conclusion & I showed him my blue book & it was clsoe enough for him to go ahead & total it. But we were only about $600 apart. Were there injuries? If they still insist on not totaling your car you can always call your insirance company & have one of your adjustors come out & take a look at it.

would you be interested in knowing which auto insurance provider has the best rate?

I tend to stick close to home, relying on my local insurance company for all my needs. This includes homeowners insurance, auto and health insurance from the convenience of one office for all.

Do insurance companies pay according to who was found at fault?

Yes, or if you carry uninsured motorist coverage, you may get some help from your own insurance company. If the car is totalled, you may receive close to Blue Book value--not the amount of the loan you owe. The car then will belong to the insurance company as salvage.

How do you locate an old life insurance company called New England Mutual Life Insurance Company of Boston?

trying to get information on a policy for a David R. Close policy number 2,135,679. can you assist. Barbara Diasparra email

Is a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LS considered a sports car to the insurance companies?

Every insurance company maintains its own set of underwriting guidelines. These define the metes and bounds of the risks that they will insure and under what terms. Sports car status is one of them as to auto insurance. Therefore, it is not possible to answer the question in more specific terms as to car like this. You should contact licensed insurance agents to determine the insurers that they represent and the underwriting guidelines of them. I can say without hesitation that the Chevy Cobalt is no Sports Car, not even close and no insurance company would consider it one. It does not even come close to the definition of a Sports Car. However only an insurance company can tell you what the insurance costs will be for this car.

What is Borderline total loss?

A total loss is when the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds a pre-determined percentage of the vehicle's value. For example, if your vehicle is worth $10,000 and the damage exceeds $7,000, your vehicle may be considered a total loss (depending on the state and your insurance company's policy). A borderline total loss would be (in the same example) if the damage to your vehicle is close to, but not quite $7,000.

How much does a basic health insurance plan cost?

This will generally depend on what health insurance company (and state) you are considering. Typically a one person plan with no deductible will run close to around $45-60 a month.

Which insurance company do you contact when you are involved in a rear end collision involving multiple vehicles?

You contact the insurance company of the vehicle that actually hit yours. If they had stopped far enough behind you, or hadn't been following too close, they wouldn't have hit you. It is their problem to deal with the person that hit them from behind.

If your teenage son's grandparents bought him a truck which was financed by them and insured in their name how do you go about getting insurance in your name?

The teenager should have been listed on the policy of the truck as the primary operator. You then call the insurance company and ask them to provide a policy in the name of the teenager. Now if you were not disclosing the teenager to the insurance company to avoid the extra premium then you have a problem. The teenager has no history with any company and in many cases will not get anything close to a good rate.

If An employee of a dentist has insurance and the employer files insurance and gives the employee all the money back from the insurance company Is this legal?

No. This would be not only be insurance fraud but would also endanger the license of the dentist involved. Plus if the insurance company ever found out about such a thing, the Dental Practice would have to close down, because no insurance company would contract with someone like that, ever again. If the State Licensing Division didn't revoke the Dentist's license, the insurance carriers no longer processing claims from this business would drive them out of business. The Dentist would have to start working at the 7-11 Store. Crooks are not Professionals.

What record company is close to Hampton Georgia?

there is no record company close to Hampton Georgia

How do you close or bridge Life insurance protection gap?

By buying adequate insurance protection.