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overheating of the c.motor and will turn to stop or burn the winding of the compressor motor due to over heating

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Q: If the condenser fan motor goes out and the unit continues what will happen?
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What happens when the blower motor resistor goes bad?

What can happen when a blower motor resistor goes bad is that the motor will run and then suddenly stop running on a regular basis. Sometimes the blower fan will not turn on and cause the motor to overheat.

Does the condenser hook to the ground or positive?

If you are referring to the RF noise suppression condenser sometimes found on car alternators or generators (older cars), the case of the condenser is grounded and the pigtail goes to the positive.

Does an air condition unit uses a condenser If so is it on the low side or high side?

Yes. The condenser is on the high side, and high pressure vapor goes from the compressor outlet directly to the condenser inlet.

What goes into a motor?

Gasoline or oil usually goes into a motor.

Where Is the Orifice located in a 1998 Chevy S10 Blazer with 4.3 V6?

Many of the GM vehicles have the AC orifice inside the condenser fitting that goes between the condenser and the cabin.

How do you know when a condenser goes bad?

When the points are wearing on one side, which means it it over or under capacity. Also a good condenser would have a reading of 18 to 23 microfarad's

What does the condenser the refrigerant does?

The condenser is a coil in a refrigeration system. It is on the low pressure side and is exposed to ambient air temp. The refrigerant goes through that and is cooled off and is then sent to the compressor.

What happens when a condenser goes bad?

It could develop a leak and empty the freon from the ac system.

Where is orifice tube located in a 2003 jeep wrangler?

The orifice is located in the low side hard pipe at the condenser outlet. This is the hard pipe which goes from the condenser to the evaporator with the low side port.

How do you know if your ac condenser is going in your car?

The condenser usually leaks and that makes it go bad. Also it can become clogged if the compressor goes bad and pumps metallic particles through the system.

Is it possible to stop the rotation of motor even if the power supply persists?

Yes. With enough of a load on a motor the rotation can be stopped. As the motor starts to slow down the current draw of the motor starts to go higher. Usually what will happen is as the current goes higher the overload protection on the motor's starter will trip and disconnect the electrical supply from the motor long before the motor stops turning.

Why does temp gauge go up when car is sitting with ac on but doesnt go up when ac is off?

Freon in the AC system heats up very hot before it is sent through the condenser. The condenser is like a radiator, and is located right in front of the radiator of your car. As air passes through the condenser & the radiator , the hotter the condenser, the hotter the radiator will be. correct answer the temp goes up when using a/c as the motor is running at a higher speed to drive th a/c , therefore when idling the fan is not pulling anuff air over engine. a thrmatic fan will help with this