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Q: If an insured changes his payment from monthly to annually what happens to the total premium?
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Is a petplan required for pets?

No pet plan is not required for pets, petplan is to ensure that if anything was to happen to your pet you will be fully insured. the bills to pay can be monthly/annually.

Does average salary mean annually or monthly?

Annually.. It only means monthly if it specifically says," average monthly salary".

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No, you have to pay monthly, Semi annually (every 6 months), or Annually. (yearly) i suggest annually because you do save some money rather than buying monthly or semi annually.

What is a Fully Insured?

In a traditional fully insured health plan, the company that you work for pays a premium. The premium rates are fixed annually and you pay a monthly premium rate depending on how many employees are enrolled in the plan. The monthly premium will only change during the year if the number of employees change. The insurance company collects the premiums from your employer and pays the claims based on the benefits in the policy that was purchased.

How much life insurance can be bought for 1000?

It depends on various factors such as: 1) Type of life insurance. Is it term, whole life, or universal life? If term, the type of term, such as level term, declining term, or others. 2) The age of the insured 3) Family health history of the insured, and of the insured him/herself. 4) Whether the insured smokes or not. 5) How often you want to pay $1000. Is it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually? 6) With some companies, they use different rates based on gender. 7) The insurer, because rates differ between insurers.

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$1000.00 $1000.00

What are common modal annuitization options?

monthly, quarterly or annually.

How are annuities paid?

They can be paid daily, weekly, monthly, each quarter, bi annually or annually depending on how you have set them up.

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how much does a virologist make weekly, monthly, and annually?

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