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Q: If an accident occurs report it to your teacher promptly?
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How soon after an auto accident do you have to report it to your insurance company?

IMMEDIATELY, your policy will say, ''you must promptly report all accidents''

What should you do if an accident occurs in the workplace?

report it to your boss

If you had an accident with no other cars involved and there was no police report just exchanging of words and insurance what could happen with the insurance if the other party decides to call them?

Meaning you didn't report the accident to your carrier? Minimally you have put yourself in a bad light with your carrier. Worse case scenrio? Your insurance contract says you must promptly report all accidents, there is the option/possibility that they could deny the entire claim for your failure to promptly report it. Call it in right now.

Do you report an accident to your own insurance company if you were not at fault?

your insurance contract will have wording similar to the following, ''you must promptly report ALL accidents'' is a good idea to report, just in case a problem regarding liability, policy status, etc. with the other company should occur, and your company can help with that.....if you delay in reporting then a problem occurs your company COULD (rarely do however) refuse to pay.......or assist..........

What happens if you don't report an accident?

Remember that your policy is a legally binding contract. Per the terms of the contract, you are obligated to report any and all accidents promptly to the insurance company and to assist them with the investigation in any way they request.

accident report?

accident report

Where do you get accident report?

You can get an accident report at the police station.

How long does a person have to report an accident when it's their fault?

regardless of fault all policys carry wording similar to this:, 'you must PROMPTLY report all accidents' is in YOUR best interest to do so before any evidence is lost or changes..........

What course of action should be taken if an accident occurs in the laboratory?

In case of an accident the student should report to the laboratory technician immediately and make sure nothing affects his or her body.

Can you use the word entangled in vehicular accident report?

He was entangled in the accident report.

What type of report must be filled if there is an accident while boating?

boating accident report

What type of report must be filed if there is accident while boating?

If there is an accident while boating, a boating accident report must be filed.