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Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country about three times the size of Texas, consisting of 31 states and one federal district. The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. Because Mexico is such a large country with so many Americans living and traveling here, we have in addition to the Embassy in Mexico City several Consulates around the country. It is usually best to contact the Embassy or Consulate nearest you, since that office will be in the best position to offer you help or information.

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The Mexican must apply for Resident Status and after 3 years of being a Resident Alien they can apply for Citizenship.

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Q: If an American marries a Mexican what are the requirements for the Mexican to receive American citizenship?
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If an American marries a Mexican in Mexico does that person automaticly becom e a Mexican citizen?

no they do not the Mexican instead becomes an American citizen

If American citizen marries French citizen do they both have duel citizenship?

No. citizenship has to do with where you were born, and where your parents were born. It has nothing to do with marriage.

If an American marries Mexican in Mexico can she file for divorce in US?


When married to an American are you automatically American too?

Even if a foreigner marries an American citizen they do not automatically gain US citizenship. There is a very detailed, lengthy, process in which both the foreigner and US spouse must go through in order for the foreigner to gain citizenship. This process can take years and may be denied by the end of it all.

Does a Mexican citizen become a legal American if marries a American?

Not automatically. They have to apply for a green card and then apply for Naturalization.

If an American Citizen marries a Guatemalan will they lose US citizenship?

No you do not.The only person that doesn't have citezenship in America is the person from overseas.Another answer:Marriage to a foreign citizen does not affect one's own citizenship. If the new spouse wishes to obtain US citizenship, the laws of the home country determine whether or not that individual either gets dual citizenship or loses the original citizenship. For example, if a bride from New Zealand marries an American, she may gain US citizenship and retain her New Zealand citizenship. If a Chinese bride seeks US citizenship, though, China will not permit her to retain her Chinese citizenship.

What are the requirements for being a citizen of India?

Born in India to Indian parents., marries to an Indian lived in India for 7 years and applied for Indian citizenship

If a Mexican marries an American will they become an American?

If a Mexican man marries an American girl he can apply for a green card, which gives him legal residency. Over time, if he fulfills all the requirements, he can eventually become a US citizen if he wishes to do so, but it is not automatic.

A French and American dual citizenship marries an American does she get french citizenship?

No. The spouse would have to naturalize in France to become a french citizen. Children of this couple, who are born in the US, are dual French-US citizens at birth. The process for "recognizing" french citizenship is complicated, however.

If an American citizen marries a Brazilian citizen in Brazil what steps are necessary for the American child to become a citizen also?

the child and your self need to go to immagrastion and get citizenship in brazil for the child.

When a Mexican female marries an American male in Mexico what name does she take?


Can your babies father stay in America if his visa expired?

He can stay in the country if an American marries him, and stays married to him, for six months, and then he gets a life long citizenship.