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maybe she sould see her doctor

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Q: If a woman has had her tubes tied 8 years ago and she hasn't had her period in about 2 months could she be pregnant?
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Can a 12 year old sperm and make a 9 year old pregnant?

well i dont judge but you shouldnt be having sex at such a young age. first doesthe 9 year old im guessing this is the girl have her period. once a girl has had her period she can get pregnant but it all depends on if the guy has gone through pubertyso if the girl hasnt gotten her period yet the answer is no she cant be pregnant. but if she has gotten it and the guy has gone through puberty yes it is possible for the girl to be pregnant. if the guy hasnt gone through puberty once again the answer is no. so she can only be pregnant if the guy has gone through puberty and the girl has gottenher period.

Is it possible to be 12 months pregnant?

Well, i sat on a chair that my dad once sat on it with his underwear on. I was naked. Could it be possible that im pregnant? My lower abdomen is getting a big bigger. My period hasnt come yet. I couldnt buy a pregnancy test as i cant get out of house. Please help

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How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test if your period still hasnt returned after giving birth 6 weeks ago?

The period can take 2 months and even a little bit more before it comes back. If you've had unprotected sex you can test 2 weeks after sex.

What if your cousin hasnt had a period in seven months and her doctor thinks shes pregnant but its not showing up in a test the way her cervix looks says shes not pregnant but you feel movement is she?

Yes it is possible she's not pregnant. She has amenorrhoea n d dr shd try to find out wat d cause is. Although pregnancy is the most common cause of amenorrhoea in women of child bearing age other stuff like hormonal imbalance, PCOS, anorexia nervosa, excesscive wt loss, drug use etc should be considered. Thanks.

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There could be many different reasons for irregular periods. You should see a gynecologist if you are concerned.

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