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If you do not have comprehensive insurance, unfortunately you do. Bummer!

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Q: If a tree on city property falls on your car who pays?
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Who pays if a tree falls is it an act of God?

the insurer of the property owner where the tree lands

If a neighbor's tree fell on your property who is liable in NZ?

Unless you can prove that the neighbor was negligent by not removing the tree then your insurance pays for your damage. For negligence to occur the neighbor would have to know that the tree was dead and about to fall on your property. Usually you would have had to notify your neighbor in writing of the tree's impending falling for them to be liable.

Who pay tax on income property?

The owner of the property pays the tax on the income generated by the property. This is known as the "fruit of the tree doctrine."

Whose responsibility is it when a tree falls on your property?

Nobody is liable for an act of nature. It does not matter who owned the tree. If a tree falls on your house just call your insurance company. If it just fell in your yard and did not damage your property you just have to get it removed yourself. If it's partially on your property and partially on the property of another, then each property owner is responsible for removing that part on their own property.

How do I go about getting the city to do a tree removal on my lawn?

Most cities will not remove a tree unless it is on city property. If the tree is a danger or if it is dying the city will cut it down only if it is on property owned by the city. At times, if branches of a tree are overhanging into the street, the city will trim them up. Trees on private property are mainly the property owners responsibilty and the city will not pay to have the trees removed. Even if your neighbor has a dead tree in his yard that threats your property, the city is not responsible. Trees healthy or sick are the homeowner, or property owner's responsibilty. I am sure states may vary, but this is usually the norm.

What are the ratings and certificates for Spin City - 1996 A Tree Falls in Manhattan 6-2?

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Who pays if your tree falls on neighbors uninsured vehicle?

That's what auto insurance is for. Your neighbors auto insurance will have to cover his damages. In the United States. A property owner is not liable for acts of nature. It's no different than if his own tree fell on his car or if he was parked on a public street or if a tree was blown in from a national Forest down the road. No One is liable for an act of nature.

Why can can winter storms be dangerous to Baltimore City?

you can get killed if a tree falls down

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Who pays for the deductible if neighbors tree falls on your property?

Falling Trees and Insurance U.S.The insured pays his own deductible. Deductibles are common on most types of Insurance policies. Your own homeowners insurance policy covers you if a tree falls or is blown into your property. This is what is known as an "Act of Nature". Trees do fall and sometimes die. It does not matter if the tree fell form a neighbors yard or a neighboring National Forest or if it blew in from 5 blocks down the street. You can not require your neighbor to pay unless you could somehow prove that he was intentionally responsible for your damage. In the United States, just the fact that a tree was unhealthy would not indicate liability on the part of your neighbor.Homeowners are not required to be licensed Arborist nor is a homeowner required by law to be competent to recognize an unhealthy tree. By the Same token if a tree fell down or was blown from your property onto your neighbors property the same rule would apply, His policy would cover damage and he would pay his deductible.Natural Acts do occur everyday around the world. In the United States, the rules of liability were set down in legal precedent many years ago in relation to this type of loss.Answeryou are responsible if a healthy neighbor's tree falls on your property - if the tree was diseased and have some visible rot - you may be able to make a negligence claim under your neighbor's policy

Is it legal to work on trees on your property without a permit?

Yes, as long as the tree is entirly on your own property. If it falls and causes damage to a neighbor's property, though, you can be held completly liable for it.

Is the homeowner responsible if a tree falls on a car and kills the driver There was no wind or rain that day?

NO. A property owner is not responsible for acts of nature.