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The car that was moving when they struck each other...

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Q: If a parked car slides on the ice in a parking lot and damages another car other who pays for the damages?
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An illegally parked car was on the road causing the traffic to break sudden in the rain unfortunately your car slid into the driver in front of you should the car that was parked illegally pay?

Sorry, the illegally parked car is not responsible. Any time a car slides into the back of another, that vehicle is considered to be traveling at an unsafe speed for the conditions. You will probably get a ticket for following too closely, or reckless driving.

Who is in fault if a uninsured car slides down a slope and hits a car parked illeagally?

The fact that the car is parked illegally or not has no bearing on who is at fault. The car that slid down the slope is at fault.

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When two cars are parked in private drive and one is not parked well and the other slides down and scrapes the other is anyone at fault neither car was running?

I believe the owner of the car that slid down would be responsible since it's the driver's responsibiltiy to ensure the car is parked securely. And since the car did slide down, then the insurance company is likely to say that car wasn't parked properly.

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Whose fault is it if an uninsured driver slides down a snowy unplowed driveway into the illegally parked car of the homeowner?

The fact that the car was illegally parked doesn't matter. The driver of the moving car was responsible to adjust their driving to the road conditions, and to ensure it was safe to proceed. This accident will be the fault of the uninsured driver.