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The amount of the repair bill. You might also get a rental car if you have that coverage on your own insurance.

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Q: If a new car was purchased and driven for two months and then hit by a vehicle who was at fault what should a fair settlement be if the car is not totaled?
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What does totaled car mean?

Usually it means that the cost of returning the vehicle to street-legal running condition would be higher than the cost of replacement (vehicle value when wrecked). Once a car is declared totaled it may not legally be registered and driven, and is supposed to be salvaged for parts.

How do you title a vehicle purchased in CA but garaged in MN?

You title the car in the state the car is stored and driven in.

If you purchased a vehicle in Oregon and have not driven it off the lot can you get out of the deal?

If you haven't driven it off the lot, I'm pretty sure you can get out of the deal. And even if you have, there is a chance you can also.

Can you buy a car to drive that has been totaled by the insurance company in oregon what will be the problems?

Firstly, the vehicle must be completely repaired. Secondly, the vehicle must pass an extensive inspection done by the State that you live in that will be required for it to ever be allowed to be driven on the road. >

If you purchased a vehicle in Michigan and have not driven it off the lot can you get out of he deal?

The location of the vehicle does not matter. What does matter is whether of not you have signed a contract to purchase the vehicle. If you already have signed a contract, it is very unlikely that you can back out of the deal.

What is vehicle mileage?

the amount of miles a vehicle has driven in its lifetime

Can I transfer my Maine plates to another vehicle purchased in Massachusetts?

The transfer of license plates cannot be done without the vehicle being registered in the state that is on the license plate. If a car is purchased in Massachusetts, and the car is to be driven in Maine, it must first be registered in Maine with the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is possible that a new plate will be issued.

How many miles should an 2008 SUV have?

The average vehicle should be driven 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. At that average, depending on when the SUV was purchased, it should have 30,000 to 45,000 miles.

What shows you the number of miles a vehicle has driven?

The odometer.

Can the vehicle be driven with the belt squealing?

Yes. A vehicle can be driven with the belt squealing. Since a mechanic with a wrench and a crowbar can fix it in 2 minutes, I have no idea why anyone would tolerate it!

Which was the First vehicle driven on moon by man?

The Lunar Rover

What vehicle was driven in Mash the tv series?

1948 Buick