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Of course not. You can only be reimbursed for the repair of the damaged area. If the siding does not match due to fading or such perhaps the adjuster can work out replacment to a corner or something. You can't get something for nothing.

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Q: If a car hits the house Can you cliam all the siding on the house?
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Is the amount of siding for a house volume or surface area or perimeter?

-- If you use the house to store a truckload of siding inside, then it's volume. -- If you cover the outside of the house with siding, then it's surface area. -- If you lay pieces of siding on the ground all around the foundation, then it's perimeter.

How much aluminum siding does a house need?

There are many different sizes and designs for houses, and they do not all need the same amount of siding.

Is vinyl siding better for certain climates?

Vinyl siding is actually good for all climates. I used to install vinyl siding for a living, and believe it or not, it can help to insulate your house and also prevent water damage.

Do you need house wrap?

House wrap should always be used with any type siding, the wrap is used as a water and air barrier. House wrap is usually a requirement by about all vinyl siding manufacturers to meet warranty specs. Without it they can void the warranty on the siding, so make sure you check out the requirements for what ever your manufacturer requires.

Is aluminum siding sustainable?

It ages, but yes, as a whole. Replacement would be a choice, but a properly prepared house, applied siding should last your lifetime of the house. If you live near salty air, flood plains, etc all void answer.

I am considering buyine a 56 year old cottage style house that has the original cedar siding. What is the life expectency of non-ocean air exposed cedar siding?

a VERY long time. Cedar is the most resilient of all woods and anytime you can buy a house with cedar siding you should, it is very expensive to install, but lasts a lifetime (like slate)

How do you istall vinyl siding?

Firstly you'll need to decide what color and thickness vinyl siding you want. Vinyl siding come in a variety of thicknesses from .044 - .055 inches thick, the thicker the siding you choose the more it will cost. Thicker vinyl siding is generally more durable. Now you'll need to prepare your home for the siding. If you home already has siding on it you'll need to remove it first. Vinyl siding needs to be nailed into solid wood, so while your siding is off make sure that the underlying wood is still feasible enough for the new siding to be nailed onto it. Lay out your siding making sure all the panels line up then measure each piece you'll need and cut it according to your measurement. Make sure that when you decide to hang your vinyl siding that all panels match on all sides of your house. Now that all panels are cut you can start nailing them to your home, start from the bottom and work up ensuring that the rows of vinyl siding overlap each other. Do not secure the siding too tightly as warm and cold temperatures can cause vinyl siding to expand and contract. Use 1 1/4 inch galvanized nails and nail them through the slots in the siding. The siding needs to be able to move back and forth, if siding is attached too firmly it can cause damage to your siding panels in adverse weather conditions. Go to for more on installing vinyl siding!

How do you replace repair vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is easily replaced if the contractor has left you some siding. In most cases if the contractor hasn't left you any siding, the siding may be very hard to obtain. Most companies discontinue the siding so you have to replace the whole house this is how they make there money. If you have a couple extra pieces of siding, there is a tool commonly known as the zip tool. It usually has a p shape on the end of it, you slip it under the bottom of the lock of the siding and slide it across this should unlock the vinyl. What you want to do after that is pop out the nails with a flat bar, this should free the peice of vinyl from the house. When you are re-installing the siding make sure you grab the right size roofing nails to re-sucure it.

Metal Siding?

form_title= Metal Siding form_header= Protect your home from all types of weather with metal siding. What type of siding is currently on your home?*= _ [50] Do you need a professional to install the siding? *= () Yes () No Do you also need a new roof?*= () Yes () No

What would cause extra long vinyl siding 20 feet length to buckle or warp?

When you nail vinyl siding you are not supposed to put your nails all the way in so the siding can expand and contract. If the nails were pound all the way in the siding cannot move.

American Roof & Siding Offer Vinyl Siding Repair in Conroe, TX?

Yes We offer Our Siding Repair Services in Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe & Huntsville, TX All north along the I 45 Freeway

How do I replace the vinyl siding on my house?

I think you could do it yourself. Really, all you need to do is cut a piece from a spot that won't be noticed and replace the damaged one with it. It is basically just cutting and nailing.