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Yes, they will still cover so long as you included the customized parts on your auto policy. If you failed to schedule the custom parts on your auto policy then the insurer is only required to replace them with standard fatory parts.

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Q: If I got into an accident with a car with aftermarket parts such as a body kit or rims would the insurance still cover it?
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Does auto insurance cover fire due to aftermarket parts?

well yes, and no, assume you have comprehensive coverage and you put the parts on? what parts? or were you in a prior accident (where an ins company paid to put these parts on?), there are many variables, file the claim, if denied possible to go back on the a/m part co. more details and i could be of more service....

Can the insurance company insist on the use of aftermarket parts to repair unless you pay the difference for OEM when the accident was not your fault?

Unfortunately, yes. I just went through the same thing. Your vehicle, no matter how pristine, is itself considered aftermarket, not new. It doesn't sound fair but the parts do usually come with a warranty.

Is your insurance provider notified and will your insurance cover the damages when an unlicensed driver takes your vehicle without permission and is involved in an accident?

The answer should be yes to both parts of the question. You should notify them.

Can another person claim on your car insurance after an accident in your employers car park?

Yes, there are many parts of a policy that can pay out on certain circumstances. Your car insurance policy may even cover you while you are a pedestrian.

Will full coverage car insurance cover electrical?

Physical Damage coverage on an auto policy covers all parts of the car that are damaged in a covered loss or covered accident. Maintenance issues are not covered on auto insurance.

Will homeowners cover tire theft?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

How do you get your insurance company to repair a new vehicle with new original parts instead of used and aftermarket parts?

It is illegal for a body shop to repair a car with used or reconditioned parts, unless the owner of the vehicle gives written permission. Insurance companies do not control repair shops. Their repair estimates are based on new factory parts and standard repair charges. I have recently found out that it depends on what state you live in. For example, in Pennsylvania, insurance companies are permitted to use aftermarket or used parts to repair a vehicle but if those parts affect the vehicles warranty the insurance company must warrant those parts. Unfair, but very true!!

Aftermarket Car Parts?

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The growth of the automobile industry led to the development of the?

Auto parts store Aftermarket/customizing parts auto racing car insurance :( auto body/auto painting services

Does homeowners insurance cover car stereo equipment bein stored in a garage that is not in the vehicle that has been stolen?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobiles nor there parts.

What is the importance aftermarket?

Aftermarket parts allow auto enthusiasts to do all kinds of customizations to their cars. People use aftermarket parts to enhance the performance or appearance of their cars or replace old parts. You can find a wide range of aftermarket car parts for vehicles of almost all makes and models on the road. Many car enthusiasts install aftermarket parts in their cars themselves, while others have them installed by professionals. For a lot of people, installing aftermarket parts is a hobby.

Does home owners ins cover car tires slashed in driveway?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.