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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: If 5 pounds are lost a week how many weeks till you lose 80 pounds?
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How many hours do you have to exercise to lose ten pounds?

I lost ten pounds in two weeks by using and exercising with 6secondABS in combination with diet of beans only.

How many pounds do anorexics lose in 2 weeks?


How many weeks would it take to lose 33.8 pounds in 24 weeks if you weighed 338 pounds?

How many weeks would it take in 24 weeks?? I think I see the answer...

How many pounds can you lose in three days?

I believe it or not I lost 10 pounds in 3 days!

How many pounds will a person lose if they lose 2lbs per week in 3 months?

4 weeks in a month. 12 weeks. 24 lbs

How many sit-ups do you need to do to lose 50 pounds in two weeks?

Sit-ups do not have any significant effect on losing stomach fat. Sit-ups are one of a variety of exercises necessary for strengthening abdominal muscles. You can do thousands of sit-ups and all you will have is stronger muscles underneath a layer of belly fat.To lose stomach fat, you have to lose overall body fat--it's practically impossible to "target" only the fat in one area of the body. Sustained aerobic exercise (such as cycling or running) is the most effective way to do that. Most people cannot safely reduce their caloric intake enough to have a significant impact--they must increase their caloric expenditure. Sit-ups tend to be anaerobic exercise; they cannot be sustained for a long enough period of time to burn hundreds of calories each day.The rate at which calories derived from carbohydrates are burned depends on the intensity of the exercise. However, the rate at which calories derived from stored fat are burned during exercise is fairly constant. Therefore, vigorous (but not intense) exercise, which can be sustained for long periods of time, is the key to losing body fat. It comes down to how many hours of exercise you can fit into your schedule each week. Sit-ups are not that kind of exercise.

How many pounds can you lose without eating for two weeks?

1 pound xD