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4 moles of hydrogen consume 2 moles of oxygen for complete oxidation to water.

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Q: If 4 moles of hydrogen is completely oxidized with oxygen how many moles of oxygen will be consumed?
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In the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide which subantance is oxidized and which is reduced?

The hydrogen peroxide is both oxidized and reduced, to produce water and elemental oxygen.

When hydrogen gas combines with oxygen gas to form wateris the hydrogen reduced or oxidized explain?

hydrogen + oxygen is hydro oxidie now oxidized hydrogen and oxygen leave a miss content not it will blow up in ur face if u do this so instead you need to - hyrdo and oxidize it before it becomes hyrdo oxide with a miss lead of oxidized chemical

Is oxidized with or without oxygen?

Oxidized is WITH oxygen.

What is consumed during the process of cellular respiration?

During cell respiration oxygen is consumed to form carbon dioxide as hydrocarbon compounds are oxidized by metabolic systems.

What molecule is oxidized and what kind of bond is formed when gaseous hydrogen burns in the presence of oxygen to form water?

hydrogen, polar

If water consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen why does it not explode?

The simple answer is because it is already burned up. The hydrogen and oxygen in water does not burn nor explode for the same reasons that "ashes" which are made of fuel and oxygen does not burn, it is already all burned up. ( or completely oxidized)

Is the formation of water a redox reaction?

Yes. Hydrogen is Oxidized: H2 --> 2H+ Oxygen is Reduced O2 --> 2O-

Each time a molecule of glucose is completely oxidized by aerobic respiration how many oxygen molecules are required?


Each time a molecule of glucose is completely oxidized via aerobic respiration how many oxygen molecules are required?


How many grams of oxygen are completely consumed in the production of 1.00 mole of Na2O?

16 grams

Hydrogen burns in oxygen according to the following balanced equation 2H2 O2-- 2H2O. How many g of oxygen are needed to completely react with 10 g of hydrogen?

5g of oxygen are required to completely react with 10g of hydrogen resulting in water with no net losses. Or exactly 2:1 = H20 (2 hydrogen < > 1 oxygen)

What is oxidized during oxidative phosphorylation?

Glucose is oxidized and oxygen is reduced.

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