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this might be because if you have not started your period yet then it is a sign that you will start very soon so be careful that you dont leak when your out

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Q: I was bleeding a little bit but didn't get your period?
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Period was 6 days late and then bled a little bit for a few days but then it went away not even 3 days later it was lighter than usual was it my period or implantation bleeding?

it sounds like implantation bleeding

Haven't had my period for a couple months. Why is there now a little bit of intermittent bleeding?

You may just be starting to have your period again. If you thought you were pregnant, you should seek advice from your physician.

Can you drink soda if you have a little bleeding in your placenta?

Soda wont harm you or change the bleeding one bit.

Is it normal after an ultrasound to bleed a little bit of bright red blood?

Spotting is okay, but period bleeding is bad and if that is your case, you should see a doctor right away.

How many days does implantation bleeding last?

Implantation bleeding is usually a little bit of spotting over 1 or 2 days, nothing like a period. Answer 1-3 days its just a little bit of blood you can get it in discharge as well. It can be brown/pink/red it can be stringy/thick mine was stringy pink blood in discharge which just happened once in a day. From Pink Princess

You are at the end of your 6th of pregnancy and have a little bit of red bleeding is this normal?

My doctor has told me that a little blood is normal; a lot of blood (like the amount you have with your period) and/or severe cramping is not. If you have period blood and cramping, you should go to the hospital. Otherwise, you're probably okay, but you can ask your doctor about it to be sure.

Can you get pregnant when on your period and a little bit of come goes inside?


What to expect after tooth pulled?

Some minor bleeding and a bit of an ache. This can all be taken care of with a little bit of paracetamol and rest. Good luck! x

Do you have to exercise to become anerexic?

no i became anorexic and didnt exercise i walked a little bit but i dont really count that as exercise

When boyfriend fingers you and you have minor bleeding?

His nails might be hurting you on the inside. He might be a little bit too uncareful. It's not bad, you're not really hurt, but you should ask him to take it a little bit more easy.

If you skip the sugar pills in your birth control pack when will you get your period the following month?

Ideally, your withdrawal bleeding will happen when you take the placebos next, but some women will have unscheduled bleeding or spotting after skipping a period by taking active pills continuously. It's a bit unpredictable.

When you have a little bit of white discharge does that mean when you get on your period you will have a little bit of blood coming out your virgina?

No, apart from a girls first period when she can get an amount of discharge being a sign of comming of age and her period on it's way. Periods are not genrally related to Discharge apart from that first time.