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Not unless you carried collision coverage

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Q: I swerved to avoid hitting a cat and crashed into a tree in your yard will my basic liability insurance cover the damages to my vehicle?
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What insurance is need for your RV loan?

Most loan companies will require that you have liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. That covers you hitting someone else, someone hitting you, and loss due to fire, theft, storm damage, etc.

How much do insurance comany pay for pain and suffering?

Insurance company is required to pay for actual damages. This means putting you back to where you were before the accident, not hitting the lottery to get something for nothing. There is no pain and suffering amounts.

What type of insurance will cover damages to your car if you hit a deer while driving through a parking lot?

Actually, hitting a deer is generally covered by your comprehensive coverage, not collision. Comprehensive covers "acts of God," which include hitting animals because it was an act of God that the animal was there at that time. Reading your insurance policy will clarify exactly which kinds of claims are covered by which types of insurance. There are 3 catagories for car insurance: 1. Liability (covers you if you hit someone else) 2. Comprehensive (covers you if an uninsured driver hits you), and 3. Collision (covers you if you hit something -for instance, a deer-)

Does liability cover you hitting your own car?

no it does not, liability covers only the second party.

Will your insurance company pay for the damages from hitting a deer if you have PLPD?

The only intitlement of monies will go to that deer, for the deer is someones property(state)and your insurance company may have to pay for its medical bills if it survived the accident, but nothing to you.

What do you do after hitting deer in Washington state car damage?

If you have full coverage then you just call your insurer and report the accident. If you just have liability then your on your own. The deer likely has no insurance.

Is there Liability for hitting skateboarder?

Yes, liability pays for damage you cause to other people, regardless if those people are pedestrians or passengers in another vehicle. If the skateboarder has car insurance then there is also a good chance that the skater carries a coverage on his own insurance called medical payments. This is coverage on your car insurance that can be used for your own injuries as a pedestrian.

Should plpd insurance cover costs for hitting a wild animal?

Nope, PLPD aka liability only covers other vehicles for accidents which you may be at fault for. Comprehensive insurance would take care of an incident such as this.

How have the greater damages the car hitting another car or car hitting a steady car?

car hitting a steady car

Does homeowners insurance cover a shopping cart hitting a car by a person?

Automobiles are covered by Auto Insurance. If you have full coverage auto it will repair any damages caused to your vehicle by the shopping cart, minus your deductible of course. Homeowners Insurance does not cover automobiles, if it did, we would have no need for car insurance.

If you are involved in an accident with a person who has no insurance and they are at fault does your insurance pay for repairs to your vehicle if you only have liability insurance?

No, Liability Insurance is just as it says, Liability only pays for damage you cause to another. It will not pay for damages to your vehicle if you had only liability coverage.s from other contributorsUsually they don't. If you had no type of uninsured motorist protection which doesn't cost that much it's in your hands basically to repair your damages. You could sue the assailant for everything they are or ever will be worth but after you win the case they will eventually declare chapter 7 bankruptcy and you'll never get anything from them.Take my suggestion and GET uninsured motorist coverage on your next vehicle. It may cost a little more but it's well worth it.another answer:I live in Texas, and, yes, the liability only pays for the other vehicle, assuming you were at fault. If the other driver was at fault, their insurance should pay you. HOWEVER, I want to explain something that most people don't know. If you have only liablility, and your car burns, you hit an animal, a tree falls on it, or ANYTHING that is not your fault, including running off the road and hitting something, you are just out of luck. BUT, if you have "COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE" you will be covered for all of these things. Comprehensive insurance is VERY inexpensive, and if you have to file a claim using it, your rates will not increase. I drive older vehicles, and full coverage isn't feasable, so, I have liability and comprehensive on them. Several years ago, one of my trucks burned, and I was comphensated very fairly for it. If I had had only liability, well, I'd been walking. Please check it out if you are used to paying for only liability. I don't think comprehensive will pay if the other person just didn't have insurance, but, it will pay you if an "act of GOd" has happened, something unavoidable, like fire, and accidents not involving other vehicles.billlyhIn the state of Kentucky they have "no fault" insurance which is mandatory even on only you're covered in the event someone else causes the accident. However, after your car is fixed and there is no other insurance company to collect off, then your insurance will go up to pay for the claim. There is also "uninsured/under insured" riders. Check with your insurance company and state Dept of Insurance.

Your shopping cart rolled one parking space away while unloading it hitting an occupied parked vehicle Are you liable for the damage it caused If so what liability limits are reasonable?

Yes, If you caused the damage then your are liable for the costs of repair. It doesn't matter where you happen to be when you cause the damage. Your liability Limit is equal to the amount of damages you caused. No more, No less.