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For seniors, the first place to look is the AARP. They offer group rates on many different kinds of insurance.

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Q: I need to find auto insurance for my senior parent, what are the best companies to start with?
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What is the best way to obtain life insurance for senior people?

There are many companies that provide life insurance for seniors. Colonial Penn and AARP are to well known ways to obtain life insurance. I would start with these two companies.

What are the names of insurance companies that start with an A?

There are hundred if not thousands of insurance companies starting with the letter A.

What are insurance companies that start with an a?


What insurance companies start with the letter A?

Aetna, Allstate and AFLAC are insurance companies. They begin with the letter A.

What are the names of insurance companies that start with a T?


is there insurance for camcorders?

insurance companies actually do provide insurance on higher priced quality items. You may need to do a search or even start calling insurance companies to see what they provide and the costs.

What can a senior citizen do to get an affordable premium price for term life insurance?

Getting an online quote and comparing prices would be a good start. AARP also offers life insurance especially for senior citizens.

Which Canadian companies sell medical insurance for cats?

There are many different medical insurance companies out there that will offer an insurance policy for your cat. In Canada the best place to start would be ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

What are some insurance companies that start with the letter c?

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is an insurance company. It begins with the letter c.

We Want to start insurance brokerage?

There are a number of things that you would need to do if you want to start insurance brokerage. The main thing is to start by identifying the insurance companies that you will be dealing with in your venture and registering with the necessary authorities among others.

Where can I find cheap car insurance Kentucky?

I would start with Geico insurance first, then check with several other smaller insurance companies in your area. In many cases smaller companies offer very cheap car insurance rates.

Where in New Hampshire can I get cheap car insurance quotes?

I would start by contacting small local insurance companies in your area. Most smaller insurance carriers generally offer much lower monthly rates then larger insurance companies.