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Lol...yes. You're ok.

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Q: I just hit my leg on the corner of the table it felt numb and it doesn't hurt anymore is it ok?
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Can you use felt from Joans for a pool table?

No. Pool table felt is a specialized felt designed specifically for pool tables. There are many variations of table felt and each will react differently with the balls, and each has a differnt lifespan on the table. Use of felt not designed for pool table use will result in poor play at best, and will quickly be destroyed at worst.

How do you felt pool table?

Installing felt on a pool table has steps that have to be taken before felting. If the seams, screw holes, imperfections, and the leveling has not been performed properly, prior to installing felt, the table cannot be played on properly. Installing the felt on the surface is easy afterwards, requiring brads or staple gun. Lay the felt across the table and secure one side using staple gun to the slate wood. pull tight on other side (tight but do not stretch) and staple. Go to one end and pull tight to center and staple, then to other end pull tight and staple. then go to a corner, then opposing corner, and repeat for other corners. Each pocket area must be cut carefully into small triangle to fold into pocket and staple. If the rails need felt, that is more complex than can be described here and is much more important that the surface felt - get a professional to do it and watch them.

Can pool table felt be ripped due to time?

Yes. Like everything else in this world, pool table felt is finite. Eventually after years of having wooden cues grinding against them causing friction, the felt will wear down and eventually rip. A professional can replace the felt on a pool table.

Can you rip pool table felt by dropping balls on it as you get them out of the pockets at the beginning of a game?

it probably won't rip the felt but it could put dents in the table depending on whether you have a wood or slate table

What are the edges of a pool table called?

Felt covering

How do you remove Pool Table Felt scratches My daughters friend took a cue and scratched a starburst design into the felt of my pool table. How do I remove the damage?

Most likely the felt is permanently damaged. Go to your local billiards pro shop, or online, and purchase pool table cleaner. If the marks are superficial, a proper cleaning may get rid of them. However, pool table felt is not woven like the fabric used in clothing and can be damaged easily - how easily depends upon the brand and type of felt.

Is felt in this sentence linking or action verb. The cloth on the table felt soft and fuzzy.?

Linking or action verb

Why does pool table felt shed fibers?

Friction. The movement of the rolling pool balls does no damage to the pool felt. However, the pool balls accumulate pool chalk that is very abrasive. The pool chalk accumulated on the balls and dropping on to the felt both result in tearing of the felt fibers as balls are struck or slide on the table. Occasionally balls bounce or are jumped on the table, resulting in even more damage. Damaged felt is a part of playing pool.

How do you clean pool table cloth of beer stain?

Felt Rescue

Will putting glass top on a hand painted table with an enamel coat damage it?

Yes. Instead of laying the glass on it - get little green felt pads for each corner of the glass. These are only about 1/4" round circles. You buy them at a hardware store.

How much does it cost to re felt a pool table?

Could cost anywhere between $150 -$850 depending on the table. I contacted DMAOnline and they managed to send me felt which was pretty good quality. They don't sell it on their website but managed to help me out with my pool table 😁

Where can you purchase pool table felt?

Felt for a pool table could be purchased and delivered on Amazon. They have a wide variety of felts in all kinds of cuts and different colors to change the look of or match the look you have now.