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Q: I hope things are progressing well?
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How do you use were repairing in a sentence?

They were repairing the roof when the owner arrived to see how things were progressing.

Can use progressing as noun?

Example sentence for the noun (gerund) progressing: Progressing in math is your goal for this semester.

Can you say you hope things are going well?

Dear Sally, Good morning, things are great down here, hope everything is going well for you too! I've already forward your email message to my colleague to work on the issues. Again, thank you and you have a wonderful day! Ed

How do you impess a girl who doesn't like you?

Well you do nice things for her. :) Hope it helped.

What are toiletries?

Toiletries are things you need; such as...Well you get the idea. I hope that answers everything

What does 'hope things are going well with you and your job' mean?

The phrase "hope things are going well with you and your job" is a way of expressing good wishes for an individual. This phrase is something kind to say to someone you speak with on a regular basis.

How do you say hope things are well in portuguese?

"Espero que as coisas estejam bem."

Is dangerous to stick things in your bum?

It can be, because it can damage your "bum". You can stick a lot of things in your "bum", but be carefull. well, i hope this helped you ! ^_^

How you see your career progressing?

i can see my career progressing if i have been promoted in 2 years.

What word means forward?

Ahead, forth, leading, progressing, onward, precocious, premature, progressive, and well developed.

What does progressing from g1 to s?

progressing from G1 is the centrioles begin replicating and S where DNA is replicated.

Which statement is correct 1- hope things get better 2- hope things getting better 3- hope things gets better?

Hope things get better.