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You could have a UTI (urinary tract infection) You need to go to the doctors/clinic and have a urine analysis done and they will be able to treat it appropriately.

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Q: I have to use the bathroom but I already have so why am i still having the urge to go to the bathroom?
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A call of nature is a euphemism for the urge to visit the bathroom.

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Naturally yes. When a dog is neutered his organ for mating changes, so he may not help the female dog. It is a thing they are already born with to do. My dog has shown his "urge" to me.

Do you need a urologist?

When I get the urge to urinate I go to the bathroom and it just barely comes out and dribbles in between short spurts and in most cases gives me an Urge to have a Bowl movement

You have an inate urge to stick a certain part of your body in the bathroom sink overflow is this the cleanest way to go about things?


How do you stop peeing at the bed at night?

Try going to the bathroom before you go to bed and if your a deep sleeper your less likely to be awaken by the urge to urinate. And if you wake up and you feel the urge to pee DO go to the bathroom no matter how tired you are just go! *If you don't you might end up wetting the bed on account of your laziness*

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Why do I get the urge to pee when hiding during hide and seek?

Sometimes when we get very excited our bladders feel the same excitement and thus we have to go to the bathroom.

How do you get your dierea?

I suspect you mean diarrhea, the uncontrollable urge to go to the bathroom. You can get it from eating undercooked meat for one thing, especially chicken. I believe the symptoms of Salmonella poisoning include a good deal of unpleasant bathroom time.

How do I know I have urge incontinence?

If you commonly have urges to use the bathroom more than around six times per day, visit your doctor to find out if you have urge incontinence. This may be just a phase, so don't worry. Use

Is it harmful to hold urine and not use the bathroom when the urge happens?

yes it could set u a uti which is very painful! U should never hold it if u dont have to

The urge to urinate comes when I tuck my chin so therefore when I lay on my back on 2 pillows it gets worse and going to the bathroom does not relieve the pressure and I may leak a little sometimes?

it appears u r having urinery infection R prostatitis /uretrhal incontinance get your urine examined send it for c&s

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