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No, You do not.

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Q: I have the ability to burn without fire?
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True or false fire will not burn without oxygen?

True, fire must have oxygen to burn.


An object that is able to catch fire in the presence of oxygen.

What is the flammability of a substance?

It is an indication of how easily it will catch fire.

Is this true without nitrogen in the air a fire will not burn?


Can a fire blanket put out a fire?

Yes, provided the fire is not too large and is not a chemical fire that can burn without air.

What happens when you remove oxygen from a wood fire?

That is, what they already do. No kind of fire can burn without oxygen!

How can you burn a papr without using fire?

You can use the light from the sun

What does flammability mean in science term?

It means 'able to be lit on fire' and flammable means that a material or chemical has the abilty to catch fire.

Why do flames burn brighter sometimes when you blow on them?

They get brighter because fire uses oxygen to burn. Fire needs oxygen heat and fuel. Without any of these you will have no fire. So blowing more oxygen into a fire will make it stronger.

Why toluene is burn without fume?

Toluene is burn without fume because t is made of pure carbon. Charcoal fire has no smoke because of the wood carbon.

What Is ability to burn is called?

A substance which has ability to burn is called combustible.

What is the ability to burn?

umm im not too sure but i think you may be looking for combustable material??