I have a Warm Morning Propane Furnace Model?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: I have a Warm Morning Propane Furnace Model?
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How old is this warm morning heater 35999BTU Model WFC356 Serial No. 2340?

I am looking for info as to what the year of a warm morning heater BTU 35000 , Model WFC356 S/N 2340 which I already have but need to find out the year of it.

Outdoor Wood Furnace?

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Glo warm model fas 20ba space heater conversation from natural gas to propane?

You need to call your local appliance repair shop and order / purchase the L.P oriface for this model heater that you have, I did this to all the ones that I have.

How long will 200 lbs propane last in a mobile home?

5 minutes if ya momma got something to do with itANS 2 - You surely must realise how nebulous that question is. - It depends entirely on how warm you like to keep it (how often the furnace is working ) and how often you cook with propane. -We cook more in the microwave than we ever do on the stove, but many of our neighbors don't even have a microwave, and use propane just to heat a pre-cooked dish .

What is the danger of placing flammable items next to a furnace?

If the furnace gets too warm or releases a spark they can catch fire.

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What is the approximate external static pressure in the supply air plenum of a forced warm air furnace?

Approximate external static pressure in the supply air plenum of a forced warm air furnace is 0.2" w.c to 0.5 "w.c

What is a gas furnace and its advantage?

A gas furnace is a furnace that operates to keep your house warm with the use of gas. Gas furnaces are very energy efficient furnaces, and are the most common furnaces used in North America.

Why do you need a furnace to keep your house warm?

You need a furnace because the heat it generates warms your house. Without it, it would be like camping without a campfire!