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It would be helpful to know some details about the laxative eg brand etc.

Maybe you should just go and see a doctor

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Q: I chewed a women's laxative and now my throat is burning a bit and there is a bad taste in my mouth Was I not supposed to chew it and is it going to go away?
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Why does your throat keep burning?

You may have a sore throat or strep throat

How does a tiger eat?

They hunt on their own. Then eats on the neck or throat - yuck! It is semi-chewed and swallowed.

What oes mucus do to food?

Mucus helps the chewed food "bolus" slide down the esaphugus "throat".

Is your throat supposed to feel weird after you have had a cough drop and there was nothing wrong with your throat?


Where is the pain located with acid reflux?

The throat. The stomach acid reluxes into the throat and the acid causes burning.

Why do you often get a burning sensation in your throat after vomiting?

Stomach acid

What would cause burning in throat nasty taste in mouth and a sensation of something stuck in throat?

Oral Thrush what is it?

Where does food go after aten?

It depends what you mean if you mean after chewed then it goes into your throat then into you stomach and so on. If you mean after your anus, hopefully...the toilet.

Does a capsule dissolve in the throat?

no capsule doesnt get dissolved in throat, it requires gastric temperature to dissolve,post glucose burning.

What do you do when your throat is burning?

Well first try not to clear your throat so much from my experience i would drink some ice cold water for a while(10min)and wait to see if the burning goes down.

What is the cause of burning in your throat after swollowing a pill with hot coffee?

my theory is that the hot liquid starts to break down the medicatin in your mouth rather in your stomach, the medication begins to absorb in your throat and that is what causes a burning sensation

What causes that burning feeling in your throat after you throw up?

stomach acids and lactic acid