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Q: I can't find the last gramaphone tile in dream chronicles 2?
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On dream chronicles the chosen child im in the tea room and you cant find any of the plates where are they?

found some plates in the music room they were given after playing the instrument...... cant find the square plate though!

What does it mean if you cant get a hold of someone in your dream?

What does it mean if you cant find someone your looking for in your dream

Where to find activation code for the computer game gunman chronicles?

i lost the case to gunman chronicles and i cant load it with out the code whats the code

On dream chronicles the chosen child I'm in the tea room and i cant find the plate with squares andthe cup with triangles where are they?

The plate with the squares is in the music room on the couch. Sorry, I can't remember where I found the cup with the triangles.

What was Thomas Edison biggest invention?

I find it hard to decide , either the bulb or the gramaphone.

What does it mean if you dream that you cant find your husband?

This dream suggests that there is serious lack of communication between you and your husband.

If on sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood you refuse to let cream join how do you find her again?

You cant. It's your only opportunity to get her.

How can I find the game Dream Chronicles 2?

If you're one for downloading games, try or Otherwise, maybe might have it

Where are the four pieces of the music box in house of anubis song of dreams?

The first two bits in the dream house are in the same area as the dream master and i cant seem to find the ones in the dream realm

Where is the dream master in the strange tombs house of Anubis?

I cant find it i have been looking for so long i had to quit

Why cant you find kikis dream room designer?

Postopia had the game. Postopia changed their website and took it off.

How do you find the year of a gramaphone record?

i don't know but i will ask my dad ........ my guess is google how old the band and try 2 figure form that