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I'm no doctor but I would say it depends on if this change corresponded with a habit change.

Increased urination can be caused simply by drinking more water in the day, spending the majority of your time in cooler places (like in air-conditioning), or spending less time in hotter or drier areas when you normally sweat. Diet can also be a factor because your body tends to store more water when you eat carbs regularly than when you refrain from eating much carbs for a few days.

If this keeps going on, it's probably safest to consult a doctor since increased urination can also mean that your bladder muscle has weakened for some reason, or it could be a sign of disease, like Diabetes (not that I'm saying you have that because for someone your age it is very unlikely, but I'm just giving an example).

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Q: I'm 21 year old guy and i have been urinating a lot I usually go 3 to 4 times a day but know i go 8 should i see a doctor?
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Is urinating six times a day considered normal?

Urinating six times a day can just mean that you have consumed plenty of liquids. It is nothing to worry about. If your urine is clear (like water) or yellow-clear, it means that you are very hydrated, which is good. If your urine is pink or brown, then you should consider seeing a doctor.

Why i pass urine five to six times during night.?

Looks like you need to see a doctor. Urinating that much at night isn't normal.

What should your teenage son do if he has been urinating five times in three hours for a few weeks?

Answer He does need to see a doctor. One sign of diabetes is frequent urination. Some urinary tract infections also cause frequency, and should certainly be checked after this long.

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What are the symptoms of an overactive bladder?

Some symptoms of an overactive bladder can include: a sudden urge to urinate which is difficult to control and urinating frequently (usually more than 8 times in a single day).

What happens if your pain doctor refuses to refil your medicine?

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What could it be if you urinate 6 times a night but do not have diabetes and there is no blood in your urine?

Frequent urination has many different causes. If you are a male, one common cause is prostate enlargement. It can cause difficulty urinating, as well as a feeling of not emptying your bladder completely, and urinating often. Drinking alcohol or caffeine at night will also cause frequent urination. Please see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

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