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Access the Second Life official website and click the play for free button, the next step is choosing an avatar and a name, the next stage is entering personal detailswhich consists of name, email and date of birth.

All accounts are free and offer basic membership, with the option of upgrading to premium membership at a later date. A premium account is enables the member to own and purchase Linden mainland.

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Q: How you get the free account at second life?
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Can I Get A Free Minecraft Alt?

No, it is not possible to get a second account in minecraft for free. If you would like a second account you will have to buy it.

Are Alts Free on Second life?

it depends on the account, there are two types of accounts. the first type of account is the "premium account" witch is paid for the second type is the "free account". the major difference is that with the "premium account" you can buy and sell "Linden dollars" (the in game currency) as well as buy land whereas you cannot with the "free account"

Can you delete Second Life?

An account can be closed via the Second Life official website. Login to account < account tab < delete account < confirm delete account

Can you have someones account for second life?

It is against Second Life terms of service to use an account belonging to someone else. Second Life accounts are non transferable.

Is second life free to download?

I think it is free Yes Second Life is free to download and play

Does it cost money to delete a second life account?

No, any Second Life account can be deleted at any time via the official website at no cost.

Do you have to pay for Second life?

No, the basic game mode in Second Life is free. You will have to pay for a premium account or to buy new clothes, or change hair and skin tone colors if you want them. To get around this, create a pay pal account, but don't credit it. This allows you to get through sign up. Be ready to contact Second Life's creators if you have problems. They were very helpful when I had trouble signing up.

Does anybody have a second life account they don't use?

Many people have Second Life accounts that they no longer use however it is against Linden Lab terms and conditions to transfer an account.

Can you sign up for second life without having a paypal account?

Yes, it is possible to sign up for Second Life without a paypal account, basic membership requires no payment.

What happens if you lie about your age on second life?

Lying about age on Second Life can result in the account being suspended and possibly deleted.

Did I reactivate your account on second life by logging in please help?

A second life account that has been cancelled is automatically reactivated when the user logs in to the account. An account that remains cancelled for longer than the cooling off period set by Linden Lab requires payment to reactivate it.

Is the online game sencond life download free?

Yes the second life is free and very fun!!