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Test your blood for Diabetes.

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Q: How would you look if you were hypoglycemic?
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Would you find sugar in the urine of a hypoglycemic person?


Is there a Hypoglycemic effect of guava leaves?

There is no hypoglycemic effect of the guava leaves. In fact, it is often used because of its anti-hypoglycemic and anti-hyperlipidemic effects.

What is Hypoglycemic hormone?


What is a hypoglycemic hormone?


How are hypoglycemic syndromes classified?

Hypoglycemic syndromes are classified as drug-induced or (most common)non-drug induced.

Should a hypoglycemic patient take insulin?

A hypoglycemic patient should not use insulin. It will drop his glucose even further.

Why would a well-controlled pre-diabetic get hypoglycemic episodes?

You are well controlled, means probably you are probably taking anti diabetic medication. So hypoglycemic episode is very much expected. Please stop the anti diabetic medication.

Where kind I find a list of foods that are great tasting for people on a hypoglycemic diet?

Lists of food that are great tasting and for hypoglycemic dieters are on WebMD, Healthy Eating, Mayo Clinic, Health Diets, Hypoglycemic Diets, and Diet Help.

What hormones are hypoglycemic?

Insulin is the only hormone, which acts as hypoglycemic hormone. All other hormones increase the glucose level to some extent.

What sorts of food can be eaten, when on a hypoglycemic diet?

Your doctor would be the one to tell if you actually need to be on a hypoglycemic diet and can also tell you correctly what to eat. Lean meats, whole grains, nuts, beans and vegetables are all appropriate foods to eat in this diet.

Where can I find info on hypoglycemic diet online?

There are many great sites for information on hypoglycemic diets, such as and Also, check out

What kind of diet is best for someone who is hypoglycemic?