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Frankly, the Vietnam War was the Wrong War, at the Wrong Time, with the Wrong People, fought the Wrong Way, for the Wrong Reasons.

The Vietnamese had been struggling to throw off foreign powers for over 30 years before the US became involved- first it was the French, then the Japanese, then the French again, and finally, the Americans. In reality, we involved ourselves in a colonial war, where the local people were mainly trying to simply trying to gain their own country back from foreign overlords.

Yes, most of the revolutionaries were Communist. However, that *should* have been no excuse to side with a corrupt, oppressive government, which was what the South Vietnamese Government most certainly was. The SVG was despised by its own people, and few of the SV citizenry really welcomed outsiders. Few SV wanted a Communist state, but the existing SV government was little better than a corrupt Dictatorship.

The war was completely mismanaged, from both a military and a political point of view. The US looked at Vietnam through our own biases, and saw what we wanted to see, not what was actually happening. Consequently, we made a long series of poor decisions, which ended up killing a bunch of Americans to no good purpose, and a much larger number of Vietnamese (50,000 dead US, 1 million+ dead Vietnamese). The reality was that the nature of the war was a civil war fought with both guerilla and traditional combat tactics. The U.S. chose to view it as a war of invasion, and assumed that traditional combat was the primary mode. Thus, the political and military tactics chosen were based on a misconception of the actual type of war being fought, and were ineffective or misdirected.

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