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Paintbrush: painting

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Q: How would you analyze the relationship between the following two terms and what pair of words best completes the analogy Pencil Sketch?
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How would you analyze the relationship between the following two terms and what pair of words best completes the analogy Autumn Thanksgiving?

The relationship between Autumn and Thanksgiving is that Thanksgiving typically falls during the autumn season and is a holiday to give thanks for the harvest and blessings of the year. A pair of words that best completes the analogy could be "Winter Christmas," as Christmas is another holiday that falls in the winter season and is a time for celebrations and gift-giving.

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Two times

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To analyze the relationship between the public administration and other academic disciplines you need to look at the roles that the two play. The academic disciplines help in the understanding of the various aspects of the public administration,

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Words that start with an animal analyze analogy ant anteater ancient android angel angular anus answer antes anyway anywhere anywise anyone anymore any anvil

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Since there is nothing "following", none of them!

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The American spelling of "analyze" is "analyze," with a "z" instead of an "s."

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I think this type of inference is by looking at the data, i.e., there is no real relationship between the tables (through Primary and Foreign keys), but when you analyze the data in a table you are able to infer that there is a relationship.