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They were exploited by working really hard to get a very low pay and how they were also exploited is by having them go to war and having them die. Another way was they worked for a lot of food and they didn't even get all of it they got a very little.

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Q: How were the peasants exploited in feudalism of Europe?
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What is the political system that stressed ties between the nobles and peasants and which bound peasants to the land?


Where does the word feudalism come from?

The word feudalism comes from the Latin word feodum or fuedum. In the feudalism system, land lords made a fair exchange with the peasants. The lords offered peasants food, a fortification,and protection, as they worked for them.

Where was feudalism?


What is feudalism medieval Europe?

Feudalism, in medieval Europe, was based on the exchange of land for military service.

What was feudalism based on?

Feudalism was based on a hierarchy of needs, where serfs and peasants were at the bottom, and the Pope and highest leaders were at the top.

Use the term feudalism in an example sentence?

Black death brought an end to feudalism. People did not like feudalism.

What were two important changes the Crusades brought to Europe?

end of feudalism: there was no more knights because they were to expensive to have it took a long time to train them. they used peasants. the knights were the major part of feudalism that's why it ended. cant find other reason

What does the feudalism chart look like?

Feudalism is ordered as follows. First the peasants produce goods, then the knights protect and extort the peasants, and finally the nobility and clergy survive off collections made by the knights.

What was the original purpose of feudalism in China?

Feudalism in China, like Feudalism all over the world, was meant to keep peasants oppressed and nobles powerful. It succeeded for centuries.

What were the names of the poor people from 1601?

peasants or serfs back in European feudalism

What is the social structure of feudalism?

the monarch is at the top then its the lords the knights then the serfs or peasants

Does Europe have feudalism?

Feudalism is a term used for a set of political and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the ninth and fifteenth centuries. In the present day, and it has been so for many centuries, Europe does not have feudalism.