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Your detail is lacking for a real decent answer however the condition, if it existed before the incident (say, a vehicle accident) would not be covered as it did not result from the accident itself. Any insurance policy covers losses IF a "trigger event" occurs that makes the policy's coverage kick in.

An sample scenario might be the following. You are driving along when a wasp or bee enters the car. It stings you. Although you never had a "reaction" before, this time you do. You are beginning to go into anaphylactic shock, feel faint, and run into the rear of someone else's car.

While your insurer WILL pay for the cars and your medical bills, if injured in the accident, the policy will not pay for specific treatment or later preventive care, Epi-pens, etc. in case you get stung again in the future.

Similarly, in a case where someone "blacks out" at the wheel and has an accident, their brain tumor causing the blackouts is NOT covered by their Automobile Policy. This issue would normally fall to the person's HEALTH insurer.

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Q: How was a Car insurance Claim denied for undiagnosed medical condition?
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