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Teeth become yellow and pale due to age, consumption of tea and coffee, tobacco and cigarette. People who get their teeth yellow get teeth polish or tooth bleach done to remove the tarter from the teeth, which makes them appear pale and dull in the color. Professional dentist do the cleaning of the teeth with many sittings. But further consumption of the tea, coffee and tobacco keeps making the teeth pale.

  • A mixture of eatable soda with few drops of lemon juice should be applied on the teeth and should be left for few minutes. Then gargle the teeth. You can practice this everyday till you notice the change in the color of your teeth.
  • Dried orange peel's powder can be rubbed on the teeth. It is a rich source of calcium and vitamin C, which keeps the teeth healthy, strong and improves the color.
  • A little salt with a few drops of lemon juice should be applied on the teeth and should be left on the teeth for few minutes so that it could remove the tarter and could lighten the tint of the teeth.
  • The white part of the orange peels adds shine to the teeth if rubbed on them.
  • Oldies recommend soft neem branches to be used as a toothbrush to clean the teeth. They believe that chewing neem branches helps in tackling teeth problems and clears the yellowness from the teeth.
  • Ancient people used to make a powder of almond peels and used to use to it with a little salt on the teeth to whiten them.
  • Pepper essence mixed with salt should be applied on the teeth to whiten them.
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Q: How to remove yellowishness in my teeth. how can i get good shining white teeth?
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