How to reduce total body water?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How to reduce total body water?
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What help the fish body to reduce water loss?

The scales on the fish body helps it to reduce water loss.

Do they give you water pills to reduce the fluid around the lungs?

Yes. A water pill, or medication through an IV, will reduce excess water in the whole body. If a specific body part has too much water, the water pill will help reduce it.

How do you lose weight in specific parts of the body?

You can't spot reduce. You can only reduce your total body fat through diet and exercise.

How do you lose weight from under your arms?

Reduce your total body fat. You can't selectively reduce fat in specific areas.

How can you reduce the effect of friction on the motion of a body?

by applying water on the floor.

Connection between plasma osmolarity and total body water in mathematical equation terms?

Plasma Osmolarity =Total Body mOsm - Urine mOs-------------------------------------Total Body Water - Urine Volumeand: Total Body Osmolarity = PLasma Osmolarity x Weight x 0.6 Total Body Water = Weigth x 0.6

Why are infants susceptible to significant losses in total body water?

Why are infants susceptible to significant losses in total body water ?

True or false the body excretes extra water through sweating and urinating?

The body excretes excess water through urination. It sweats to reduce the body temperature not to get rid of water.

What effect does diuretic have on the body?

They don't have a direct effect, but they cause your body to produce more urine. When that urine is expelled, the total amount of water in your body decreases. Also, "water level" isn't really the best term here. Try "hydration" or "amount of water".

How could a person reduce the effects of diarrhea on the body?

Drink more water

Does Cold Drinking Water Reduce Body Weight?

I font think so

What kind of exercise might help you to reduce your chubby cheeks?

You cannot spot reduce. To reduce chubby cheeks, you must reduce your total body fat percent by eating less and moving more.