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To keep cool on a hot night start by wearing loose and light clothing. Do not use heavy blankets and drink cold water to cool you down as well.

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Q: How to keep cool on a hot night?
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How do you keep cool on a hot night?

Ac, fan, light sheet, no clothes

What can you do to keep your pillow cool during the night instead of flipping it?

Don't use it. It will be comfortably cool all night.

What climate is hot in the daytime cool or cold at night and is very dry?

Hot desert climate.

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They keep you cool in hot weather.

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Hare Conditioning

Why is it suitable to use a cool bag keep the lemonade cool?

because you don't want it hot

When is it hot and cold in the desert - the night or the day?

In most hot or temperate deserts it may be quite hot during the day but can cool off quickly at night, especially in the summer.

Why drink water in a hot place?

it helps keep your body cool

How do you get to sleep on a hot night?

drink lots of water through out the day, and keep a fan on with the windows closed for a few minutes before you go to bed, to cool down the room.

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its a very hot climate, but in the night its cold/ cool

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