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To be honest with you, i dont think you can. You have to buy it in the paladin shop located in lightguard and artix might be able to have another paladin shop where you can buy paladin class (but i forgot where he's located, somewhere in swordhaven maybe.) But thats not all. you also need to have a membership in order to buy it, and im not sure but you might need to have a rank 5 good or doomwood and maybe another thing in your inventory if you want to buy it.

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Q: How to get pladalin class in aqw for free?
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nope, unless you have dragon amulet, i want it too, but im now getting the necromancer class.

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THis Class has not been implemented.

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you need to buy doomwood pack and chaos pack then you go to your book of lore and get it for free