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Q: How the chest get bigger during breathing to take in air?
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Your son was playing football without pads and got hit in the middle of his chest now he is having pain when breathing or chest movement any answers?

Take him to the doctor.

When are you have trouble with your lungs?

how do you know when your breathing has something to do with your lungs. I have pain in my chest when I take a deep breathe , And I am very tired. What up with that

How do I measure for a woman's jacket?

When measuring the chest you should take the tape measurer and put it around the chest while you have full breathe. Once you know the size of the chest you should get the jacket one size bigger.

Why is it important for the space in the chest bone to be bigger?

Your lungs need room to be able to expand when they take in air.It Allow the lung to take in airIt causes air to flow in. if our chest didnt expand we would die from lack of oxygen.

Why is your chest caving in?

Someone's chest caving in can be very serious. If the person has asthma it is probably a attack and they should use their inhaler or take a breathing treatment. If that does not help or the person does not have asthma seek medical help immediately.

Why do you not give very large breaths during rescue breathing?

Giving very large breaths during rescue breathing can force air to reach the stomach, causing the patient to vomit. Vomiting while the patient is unconscious poses a risk to airway management as it may become obstructed. Furthermore, you do not have time to be giving very slow, forceful breaths are chest compressions take precedence in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

What can the breathing rate increase to during exercise?

When we take exercise our body needs more oxygen .Our normal breathing rate do not fulfill the oxygen requirement due to which breathing rate is increased.

How do you stop chest and stomach burns during pregnancy?

Take papaya enzymes. You can find them at vitamin stores.

When you breathe does you lungs get bigger and smaller?

Breathing rate and the volume of air inside the lungs are related. We have what's called tidal volume that is the amount of air in one inhalation and exhalation when at rest, and we have vital capacity which is how much air is forcibly moved in and out of the lings in one inhalation and exhalation. The lungs expand and become bigger during this process with the help of additional muscles besides just the diaphragm. When your breathing rate increases the size of your lungs do too.

What happens to the chest cavity when your breathing?

Under normal inspiration the chest wall stays relatively still, only the abdomen moves because of diaphragmatic motion. However, when you take a deep breath the intercostal muscles and the scalene muscles contract. This causes the chest wall to expand outward(due to the intercostals) and move upwards(due to the scalenes).

When a lone rescuer is administering chest compressions?

30 compressions that are done with frequency of at least 100/minute. Interupted by 2 rescue breaths

How do you remove fluid from the chest of a nwborn puppy?

If a pup is born weak or is ignored by its mother, your assistance can save its life. For instance, if a newborn puppy appears cold and weak with irregular or no breathing, hold it firmly and swing it up and down between your legs with its head down. This will help drain fluid from the mouth and lungs. To stimulate breathing, rub the puppy briskly with a warm towel. By blowing gently into its nose and softly pressing its chest with your fingers you can also help induce breathing. When the puppy starts breathing on its own, return it to its mother. If this doesn't work then you should immediately take the puppy to the vets. Even if you manage to get the fluid from the pups chest it's a good idea to have the vet check out the puppy.