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Q: How tall would you be if you had never cut your fingernails?
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Is it against Sikhi to cut fingernails?

No, Sikhism does promote hygeine and long fingernails would be really hard to take care of.

How long does cocaine stay in your fingernails?

Can u cut your fingernails to pass a drug test

Are fingernails abiotic?

They are abiotic because when you cut them it isn't as if you cut a living organism.

What three parts of body does not heart when cut?

I think you mean do not "HURT" when cut, and that would be toenails, fingernails, and hair. These parts are all "dead", so to speak, and have no nerve endings.

Is it bad to cut your fingernails really short?

no unless you cut them to short because it will hurt really bad

Why do you not feel any sensation when you cut your hair or fingernails?

They have no nerve endings.

How to say cut your fingernails in indonesian?

Potong kuku tangan kamu.

Cut your fingernails?

Cutting your fingernails and toenails is easy. Just make sure you have a nice, sharp nail cutter and a wastebasket to collect the nails.

Why do you always have to cut you fingernails hair and lawn?

You don't have to but if you don't it gets untidy.

What should do if asked to cut a clients fingernails or toe nails?

Just say "No thanks"

What was done with Lee Redmond's record-breaking fingernails?

they were cut off and chucked in the bin.

What is cuticle nipper?

a stainless steel instrument with sharp blade to cut cuticles in the fingernails and toenails