How tall were osage Indians?

Updated: 8/19/2022
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Osage Indians were, and many still are, among the tallest indigenous people. They were noted by the French traders as being around Seven feet tall! They were fierce warriors and feared by other tribes. Many women are tall also. My Aunt was 5'10. I know a young man who is 6'9 or so here in Oklahoma, Osage reservation.

I'm 1/8 Osage and we get pretty tall. at full height we average at about 6ft6in rare for us to be full height and less than 6ft. guess im lucky though lol. btw all the men on that side of the family are atleast 6'5"

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Q: How tall were osage Indians?
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What has the author Doris Whitetail Parker written?

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Why do most Osage Indians live in Oklahoma?

The Osage were forced to move to Oklahoma through treaties with the USA.

What type of tools did the Osage Indians have?

There could be bows and arrows for Plain Indians.

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the osage Indians name means little ones of the middle waters. buy, jillian jenkins :)

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The Osage Indians lived along the Osage and Missouri rivers in what is now western Missouri when French explorers first heard of them in 1673.

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Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Then later Oklahoma.