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The minimum time is 30 minutes, If you have used a bronzer you will want to wait 1-2 hours so the bronzer has the full time to develop on your skin. Otherwise you risk washing the bronzer off too soon and not getting the results that you wanted.

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Q: How soon can you shower after using a tanning bed?
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How soon after using a tanning bed should you bathe?

If you put accelerator on, you should wait about a few hours. When I go tanning, I take a shower that morning, go tan sometime during the day, and wait to shower the next morning.

What can you use to protect your eyes when using a tanning bed?

You can use protective goggles or eye shields when using a tanning bed.

How long should you wait to shower after tanning in the tanning bed?

20-30 minutes. Depending on if you used lotion with tingler or bronzer.

Does a tanning bed effect your organs?

does using a tanning bed have any negative effect on your organs or reproductive system

Will redheads get freckles or a tan in a tanning bed?

Redheads can burn more easily, even in a tanning bed. Freckles can turn darker, whether using the sun or a tanning bed.

Should you use tanning oil when using a tanning bed?

Tanning oil should not be used when using a tanning bed. Aside from the damage you may do to the equipment, the oil will increase the damage done to your skin and doesn't provide SPF protection.

Should you shower before or after tanning in a tanning bed?

Generally it is always best to shower before you tan. First of all this increases oxygenation of the skin and it takes UVA + UVB + oxygen to tan. Second, lotion absorbs better just after you shower. Finally, if you are using a product with DHA bronzers in it then it is important that you wait between 2 to 4 hours after tanning before you shower or else you lose some of the color you were headed for. Hope that helps.

What can you use to protect your skin when using a tanning bed?

You can

Are tanning beds associated with skin cancer?

Yes whether under the sun or using a tanning bed you are still at risk for skin cancer and the effects could be from the tanning bed too

How old are children recommended to be before they start using a tanning bed?

They have to be 14 or older to start tanning.

Can using your camera phone in the tanning bed ruin it?

Yes, using your camera phone in the tanning bed can ruin the camera and the phone itself. The ultraviolet light is bad for both the lens and the phone.

Heart stent and using tanning bed use is it safe?