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If you put accelerator on, you should wait about a few hours. When I go tanning, I take a shower that morning, go tan sometime during the day, and wait to shower the next morning.

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Q: How soon after using a tanning bed should you bathe?
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Can you shower after tanning?

If you are talking about natural tanning then yep u can but unatural tanning id wait a bit just to make sure

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How soon can you shower after using a tanning bed?

The minimum time is 30 minutes, If you have used a bronzer you will want to wait 1-2 hours so the bronzer has the full time to develop on your skin. Otherwise you risk washing the bronzer off too soon and not getting the results that you wanted.

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Should you get a spray tan im 16 and what will help if it looks kinda orange any lotions?

go to a tanning salon, and go in a tanning bed. you'll get vitamin d. spray tan is horrible, there is nothing to help it look less orange-y. When and if you go tanning, be sure to use a tanning lotion, as well moisturizing your body with a body lotion after tanning, before bed, and after bathing. so that your skin doesn't dry out. okay. STAY AWAY FROM SPRAY TANS!!!! Sorry but, this is INSANE! Tanning bed's are very unhealthy and if you use the spray tan's properly you will not look orange. Go to a tanning salon and use their spray booth, but be sure to apply the blocking lotion they provide to your hands and nails; and lightly to your knees, elbows and tops of your feet. Also be sure to dry off well with a towel as soon as you get out to avoid any splotting. Using a tanning bed can cause skin cancer just as easily as the sun can and you will look older much quicker. If you follow this above advice (though I highly recommend not following it) be sure to cover your face with a thick towel and use self-tanner/ bronzer later. Covering your face in a tanning bed will save you on botox and chemical peels in the future. HONESTLY, I would get a spray tan in a booth over a tanning bed. Some locations have the clear solution that doesn't rub off on your clothes & some also has a bronzing solution. The bronzing solution is more of a brown color so you don't have to worry about looking orange. But you do have to be careful to not wear nice clothes if you were to get the bronzing solution because it does rub off on your clothes. It will wash out though.

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