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its kind of imposable to fly after a pacemaker it in u

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Q: How soon after having a pacemaker fitted can you fly?
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How soon can you fly after having a stroke?

The general answer to this question is to check with your doctor. Once, by his or her standards, you have been checked out, you are healthy enough to fly. Additional Information:

How soon can you fly after having a craniotomy surgery to repair a cerebral aneurysm?

hi> my wife had an awake craniotomy in may and she was told not to fly until 8-10 weeks after. that answer came from a top surgeon in uk.

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How soon can you fly after heart bypass surgery?

How soon can you fly after heart bypass surgery

How soon can you fly on an airplane after you break your radius arm bone?

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Can you fly in an airplane with a pacemaker?

Yes. A pacemaker is not a problem for air travel. Furthermore, airline galleys do not use microwave ovens, but convection ovens.If it is a concern, be sure to let the flight attendants know about your pacemaker so they can be ready with the proper response if there is an emergency.People with pacemakers should not sit on the row next to the emergency exit, as passengers near the emergency exit should be able and ready to assist others in the case of an emergency landing.If you wish to fly as a pilot. You will be required to get a waiver issued from a cardiovascular specialist before you can be issued an FAA medical certificate.

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