How rare is gneiss?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Gneiss Is a rock that is classified into metamorphic. Gneiss is considered rare by people but isnt to rare

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Q: How rare is gneiss?
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Related questions

Is gneiss folaited or nonfolaited?

Gneiss is foliated.

Is gneiss soft or hard?

Gneiss is hard.

What group is gneiss in?

A Gneiss is a Metamorphic rock

What is gneiss mineral group?

Gneiss is a rock, not a mineral.

What are the characteristics of gneiss?

Gneiss is foliated and coarse grained

Is an gneiss rock sedimentary rock?

No, gneiss is metamorphic.

What is a sentence for gneiss?

I am trying to find out what the other two types of rock besides gneiss form the Matterhorn. Gneiss is a metamorphic rock. That's a nice piece of gneiss!

Where would gneiss be in the US?

Gneiss is a part of the earths lower crust. No matter where you drill you will eventually uncover gneiss.

What rock does gneiss come from?

Gneiss may come from either granite or schist.

How are granite and gneiss the same?

Granite and Gneiss are both rocks.

Can gneiss metamorphose into phyllite?

No. Phyllite can metamorphose into schist and then into gneiss.

Is gneiss nonbanded?

No. Gneiss has alternating light and dark bands.