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Based on in-house survey of six life insurance companies, a male with no other health issues can qualify for life insurance coverage at standard rates at 5'9" and 250 lbs or 6'0" and 265 lbs.

However, the problem with overweight/obesity is that it often leads to other health conditions and insurance underwriters combine risk variables to determine the classification given.

A good broker can often assist in high risk cases, by requesting a preliminary offer from the insurance company or sending a cover letter with the application. Many insurance companies, ironically enough, use the same height and weight tables for males and females, so a cover letter explaining lifestyle issues or other variables can really help.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance is another option for overweight/obese applicants. These applications have no medical tests and fewer health questions. They come with higher premiums and lower face amounts, but pricing options have improved significantly in recent years.

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Q: How overweight can you be for life insurance?
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