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It is not adjustable, its controlled by the computor.

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Q: How or what do you set Distributer timing on a 1997 gmc 5.7 350?
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How do you set timing 1985 GMC 350 engine?

how do you set timing on a 1985 350 gmc truck

What is the distributer cap firing order for a 94 gmc sierra 350?


What is the timing on a 92 gmc 350?

0 degrees at TDC.

Why do you keep getting random misfires on gmc 350 vortec 1997?

Distributer cap and rotors are common. Have seen reasonably new ones go bad on these. Also have seen leaking fuel rails under the plenum.

What does the timing on a 1994 GMC PU with a 350 engine set on?

It sets in 0 degrees.

What is the correct ignition timing on a 1997 gmc sierra with a 305?

The timing for this engine is electronically controlled and not adjustable

What would make your 1986 GMC Truck stall and backfire and run perfectly fine at other times?

timing chain or distributer --or gypsies, gremlins etc.......

What is the timing degree on a 1994 GMC PU with a 350 engine?

0 TDC. Top dead center

Is there a timing chain in a 98 GMC 350?

YES. That engine used a timing chain and 2 gears in behind a cover bolted to the front of the engine.

Where is the timing sensor located on a 350 1998 gmc truck?

It does not have a timing sensor.It has a electronic timing controll module under the distributor cap on the left side of the distributor base plate.

Will a 350 vortec out of a 1997 GMC sierra 1500 fit a 1997 Tahoe 4x4?

YES, There the same engines. It will be a direct bolt in.

How do you tighten the Distributer shaft on a GMC 350?

if the shaft is loose in the distributor, you either need to rebuild or replace distributor.if distributor itself is loose there is a bolt at the base of the distributor that holds it in place