How old is karan tacker?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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He is turning 26 in 2012

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Q: How old is karan tacker?
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How tall is Karan Tacker?

Karan Tacker is 5' 10".

What is karan tacker's mobile number?

Karan tacker's mobile number ?

How many sibings does karan tacker have?

2 called susha tacker and fazila tacker

Is karan tacker married?

No he's not.

Where does karan tacker live?


Address of karan tacker?


Is karan tacker Punjabi?


Who karan tacker is?

Krystal dsouza

Does Karan Tacker have any siblings?

Karan Tacker is a well known television host and actor from India. He is not known to have any siblings.

Who is karan tacker married to?

To krystal D'souza

Who is karan tacker's girlfriend?

Krystal dsouza

What is karan tacker's dog's name?