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Jessica Revell's character (Mandy (Elektra) Perkins) is 15

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Q: How old is Mandy 'Elektra' Perkins in Tracy Beaker Returns?
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How old is Jessica ravell from Tracy Beaker returns?

Well, her character (Elektra Cal Cock/Mandy Perkins) is 15 years old

What age is Electra in Tracy beaker returns?


What is elektras last name from Tracy beaker returns?

Electra's name in Tracy Beaker is Mandy Perkins but when her parents chucked her out of the house, she got put into care and she changed her name to Electra Cober because she thought she had to be strong to be in care and she thought that Mandy Perkins is a wierd name, in other words, babyish

What is Electra's surname on Tracy beaker?

Electra's real name is Mandy Perkins.

What s elektras real name in Tracy beaker retuns?

Jessica Revell is the actresses name (in the program her real name is Mandy Perkins)

How old is the Tracy beaker returns cast?

Sapphire Fox - 16 Frank Matthews - 16 Liam O'Donovan - 15 (left with his brother) Johnny Taylor - 13 (Tee's brother) Lily Kettle - 12 (only for respite care and Rosie and Poppy's sister) Toby Coleman - 13 (got fostered) Carmen Howle - 12 Tee Taylor - 11 (Johnny's sister) Gus Carmichael - 11 Harry Jones - 8 Rosie Kettle - 8 (got fostered and Lily and Poppy's sister) Poppy Kettle - 6 (got fostered and Lily and Rosie's sister) Elektra Cal Cock/Mandy Perkins - 15 There are loads more but can't find their ages. Hope this answers your question!

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