How old is Christopher in sonic x?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: How old is Christopher in sonic x?
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How old is Amy in Sonic X?

about 12 years old in the sonic x shows or series

How old is Amy rose on sonic x?

Amy Rose is thought to be about 12-years-old in the Sonic X series.

How old is Bunnie in Sonic X?

First: bunnie is not in sonic x only in comics second: I don't know how old

Sonic x maria pictures?

how old is sonic

How old are Sonic and Tails in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?

Tails is 4 and a half from the Sonic Wiki page. Sonic is about 11 because Tails is 8 in Sonic X and Sonic is 15 in Sonic X.

Where can you see the old sonic cartoon but not sonic x?

there are 3 sonic shows other than sonic x. they are adventures of sonic the hedgehog, sonic SatAM, and Sonic Underground. You can see episodes of these shows on

When does Espio meet Sonic in Sonic X?

he is 17 years old

How old is tails from sonic x?

2 years old

How old is cosmo on sonic x?

8 years old.

How old is Charmy in Sonic X?

six years old

How old is silver in sonic x?


How old is rose on sonic x?